• Dry milling and wet milling options

    Milling is essentially a discontinuous process.This causes the temperature at the cutting edge to fluctuate constantly between high temperature (about 1000 ℃) and low temperature. 1. The influence of cutting fluid As the cutting edge cuts in and out, temperature changes are exacerbated.As a resul...
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  • Cast iron cutting Endmill selection

    1 Types and processing characteristics of cast iron Cast iron by its classification can be divided into;Grey cast iron, white cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile cast iron, vermicular cast iron, alloy cast iron and so on.Gray cast iron is widely used in the automotive industry, and the automo...
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  • Reaming processing six problems and solutions

    The aperture increases, the error is large The outer diameter of the reamer is too large or the edge of the reamer is burr;Cutting speed is too high;Improper feed or excessive processing allowance;Reamer main deflection Angle is too large;Reamer bending;The cutting edge of the reamer adhered to t...
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  • CNC machining tool over cutting

    In the processing, often in the corner of the spring knife and lead to the phenomenon of cutting, if the use of reasonable tools and processing methods, can reduce the opportunity of the spring knife. The relation of tool deformation is:   From the above formula, we can know that there are t...
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  • Professional HSS thread taps

    Over the years, we have used and/or tested dozens of drill bits for almost all applications. In this review, we want to determine the most suitable drill for metal applications. This includes hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. We even want to see what kind of drill bit can drill the ...
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  • Overview of Tool Coating

    Tool surface coating technology is a surface modification technology developed in response to market demand. Since its appearance in 1960s, it has been widely used in metal cutting tool manufacturing industry.Especially after the emergence of high speed cutting technology, coating technology has ...
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  • Vibration occurrence during the CNC Milling process

    In CNC milling, vibration may occur due to the limitations of cutting tools, tool handles, machine tools, workpieces or fixtures, which will have a certain adverse effect on machining accuracy, surface quality and processing efficiency.To reduce cutting vibration, the relevant factors need to be ...
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  • Thread Machining

    Thread processing is to use thread processing tools to process a variety of internal and external thread methods. First, thread cutting Generally refers to the method of thread processing on the workpiece with forming tool or abrasive, mainly including turning, milling, tapping sleeve wire grindi...
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  • Greenleaf launches tough, high-performance ceramic end mills to the market

    Greenleaf Corp. in Saegertown, Pennsylvania, released the XSYTIN-360, a new line of high-performance solid ceramic end mills, to the global market. In a global Zoom meeting announcing the new round end mills, Jim Greenleaf, president and CEO of Greenleaf Corp., said that the XSYTIN-360 is “one of...
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  • Let’s see how the boring should be done

    Let’s see how the boring should be done

    The precision of boring is very high, the dimensional precision of fine boring can reach IT8~IT7, and the aperture can be controlled within 0.01mm precision.If it is fine boring, the machining precision can reach TT7-IT6, and the surface quality is good.For general boring, the surface roughness R...
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  • 8 Ways To Killing Your End Mill

    8 Ways To Killing Your End Mill

    1. Running It Too Fast or Too Slow Determining the right speeds and feeds for your tool and operation can be a complicated process, but understanding the ideal speed (RPM) is necessary before you start running your machine. Running a tool too fast can cause suboptimal chip size or even catastroph...
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  • CNC tools material selection

    CNC tools material selection

    At present, the widely used CNC tool materials mainly include diamond tools, cubic boron nitride tools, ceramic tools, coated tools, carbide tools and high-speed steel tools.There are many grades of cutting tool materials and their properties vary greatly.The main performance indexes of various t...
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